Apps for Health-- Meal-In-A-Glass --Easy Summer Eating

Friday, July 6, 2012
As summer gets into full swing, I like meals that are cool & soothing. It is also great when they are easy to prepare and don't require the heat of a stove or oven! This App seems to fit these requirements. Check it out-

Whole Living Smoothies:
Why you want it: Post workout smoothie time just got way more interesting! This terrific app from Martha Stewart’s Whole Living offers up 36 unique smoothie recipes: 12 Essentials, 12 Meal-in-a-Glass and 12 Allergen-Free. How does Cashew Cream sound? Perhaps Pineapple + Peanut Butter sounds better to you. Maybe Buttermilk + Date? Or Blackberry + Wheat Germ? These are definitely more creative than your usual strawberry and banana variety (though there are some yummy fruit ones that do include those ingredients). Bonus Weight Loss, Immunity and Detox recipes are available for another $.99 cents per series. Drink up!

Download it now: $0.99 for iPhone and $1.99 for iPad, on iTunes

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