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Quick & Healthy Store-bought Salads

July 11, 2012

I don't know what it is, I think it is the heat, but I am not as into cooking and/or preparing 3 meals a day in the summer time. It also might be the sense that it is time for a "summer vacation", just like in the days when I was in school. Anyway, I look for quick and easy solutions to eating healthy meals I don't always have to prepare from scratch. I also like it when those meals are portable so we can take them "on-the-go".

I have found a new option! And for $2.99 a piece, very affordable. By the packaged salads in my Safeway grocery store there are a variety of pre-packaged salads from Chicken Caesar to Turkey & Bacon Cobb. All are under 300 calories. It definitely makes for a quick and easy meal. The variety helps you not get bored with them. My daughter and I often negotiate on who gets to eat what salad at lunch. The package even includes a little plastic fork so this lunch is truly one you can grab and go with. I am hankering for the Turkey and Cobb Salad for lunch today!

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