Summer Inspiration at the Farmer's Market

Friday, July 13, 2012

One of my favorite things to do in the summer time is to go to our local Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings before the heat of the day sets in. Each week new vegetables or fruits appear. I look forward to each week's discovery with happy anticipation. Early in the season I look for scapes ("flower stalks" of hardneck garlic plant) which I particularly like sauteed and served as a vegetable. Then there are the "real" tomatoes. Nothing like a ripe tomato paired with freshly picked basil and then drizzled with a homemade your mouth watering yet? Then come the cherries and peaches and cantaloupe...The list is long!

Focusing on eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is not hard in the summer. It is the time to take advantage of all the locally grown produce. And it does make a difference the fresher it is which is a great excuse to make it an adventure to go to your local Famer's doesn't get any fresher than that! Go enjoy and let me know what fun discovery you made at the Market!

As a reminder:

The American Heart Association recommends at least 4.5 cups per day of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle that can help you avoid risks for heart disease and stroke. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, and stroke ranks fourth. The diet to reduce your risk for cancer is the same.

Finding the Best Produce
Thanks to modern transportation, you can find an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables all year long. But the added costs of transporting produce long distances impacts the price. Buying in-season foods and foods grown closer to your home is generally better for your pocketbook.

The availability of varied produce at community-supported agriculture sites makes it easy to experiment with something new, especially in summer, said Ms. Johnson, a nutritionist, who enjoys taking home different types of vegetables from her local site.

“I find myself trying things that I don’t always buy,” she said. “If you like to cook, there are so many great websites now with recipes."

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