Banana-Macadamia Madeleines--elegant & easy!

Monday, July 23, 2012
Fresh Out Of The Oven--Banana-Macadamia Madeleines
Sometimes it is nice to have over ripe bananas or other extras in your kitchen you want to use up before the item spoils. That happened to me last weekend. I had too many bananas and thought it would be fun to find a recipe to use them. I came across a Cooking Light recipe for Banana-Macadamia Madeleines. I have always loved Madeleines but honestly, it is a sweet I have never made myself. It seemed like a time to try, especially since we had house guests to help eat them! The only challenge was that I did not have a Madeleine mold. But I did have a cast iron corn-stick mold (used for cornbread)! The cookies ended up being twice the size of what was called for in the recipe. Instead of 1 tablespoon in each mold, I had to put 2 tablespoons. Good news was that instead of the cookies being 53 calories per serving, they ended up being 106 calories, not a bad result, I would say!

Madeleines by design are light and airy. Adding banana and macadamia nuts added complexity and much more flavor. It made for a great summer treat. They were easy to make, looked pretty and were a satisfying taste and texture. For a non-chocolate cookie they are a definite addition to the recipe book.

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