More on Homeopathic Solutions for Phlebitis

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Healing can be a slow, slow process. Part of the challenge, I think, is that we live in a culture that expects a quick fix and fast cures. I sure did! Now I am seeking the patience to allow my leg the time to heal. I also want to make sure I am providing the best possible environment for my leg to be nurtured back to full health. At this stage there is nothing Western Medicine can do for me. There is no pill or operation that can "fix" phlebitis. In fact, my Primary Care Doctor said that it can take as much as six months for thrombophlebitis to heal...and if it doesn't, you just have to live with the pain! Ouch!

I would much rather believe in what Dr Andrew Weil purports- "Our bodies want to be well, we just need to help them get there" (my paraphrase). I do believe our bodies want to be well. So I headed for our local natural pharmacy to see what could be recommended for me in order to promote my leg healing. I found out that Traumeel and Horse Chestnut creams are good for decreasing inflammation. I also learned that Hawthorn, taken as a tincture, also works on decreasing inflammation, as does "fresh" fish oil pills. Interestingly, but perhaps not so surprisingly, everything that is good for healing my veins is also good for my heart health. After all, it is all vascular!

Homeopathy is not a quick fix. In fact, each item I brought home suggests use for multiple months. I am beginning to believe that it is the habit of focusing on health that is the best cure.

As time passes I do think my leg is getting better. I don't really know if the homeopathy is working specifically. I do think that just by attending to my leg, in a positive, nurturing manner, I am supporting an attitude of healing. Either way, I'll take it!

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