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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sesame Shrimp Salad--Yum!

My daughter loves shrimp. She always has, ever since she was a little girl. Any dish that has shrimp in it will get her delighted. I am totally focused on summer time salads these days. I found one- Sesame Shrimp Salad that looked appealing. It uses bright flavors like lime juice, cilantro, mint and watercress. It also caught my attention because it uses marmalade, something I make homemade and have plenty of on hand this time of year to use!(see my previous blog on making marmalade) It does have a little kick to it because of the chili garlic sauce. I find in the summer lightly spicy foods are more appealing and somehow more satisfying. They seem to match the intensity of the summer weather and hold up to it. This salad certainly did. It was visually appealing (something I find even more important to achieve in the summertime to encourage our appetite for healthy foods), very tasty and a definite repeat. The salad has only 239 calories per serving. Add a muffin with 160 calories or less and you have a meal for 400 calories or less!

Enjoy! And Live Vibrant!

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