Celebratory Dinners- Mussels with Garlic, Wine and Cilantro

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There are certain foods and drinks that connote "celebration". The challenge for me has always been to moderate my choices in moments of celebration. How to celebrate and still be mindful? This is one of the journeys I have been on...to find yummy foods that make me feel like I am having a special moment with out the consequences.

One such food for me is steamed mussels. They are easy to prepare and look bountiful when served. They are also beautiful to look at with their shiny shells and carefree way they stack upon each other. The recipe I like most is Mussels with Garlic, Wine and Cilantro (156 cal).

To complete the meal I serve a tossed green salad with quartered artichoke hearts (75 cal) and French bread (110 cal), which is really good when soaked in the broth of the Mussels. And since it is a celebration I include a glass of crisp and fruity Sauvignon Blanc (119) for a total calorie count of 460. This leaves room for a little intentional indulgence at the end of the meal.

Happy, Healthy Celebrating!

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