Spicing Up My Exercise Routine

Friday, February 22, 2013
Spicing Up My Exercise Routine-Rowing
The one thing I have noticed is that I have to regularly spice up my exercise routine to keep motivated. I need to keep learning something new. Now that I have been working out regularly and consistently, I no longer have the fear I did have learning how to use different machines or routines. Now I actually look forward to it.

Recently I decided to take on the rowing machine. Both my sons rowed in college. I would watch them on the rowing machine we had (a hand me down) in our basement when we lived in Kansas City. I watched, I never tried it. I was always curious about it and wondered how hard it would be to do it.

Now, many years later, it was time to try it out and see for myself. I love it. You can change your speed and your resistance.There is a rhythm you reach that is very compelling. I get in my groove and go. It is a great choice when I want to sweat and burn calories. It is now a standard for my weekly cycle of exercises.

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