Citrus-Jerk Fish--easy and tasty!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Citrus-Jerk Fish
I remember the days when Orange Roughy was the fish to buy at the grocery store. Now you can't find it anywhere. Instead, the meaty white-fleshed fish you can find is Swai or Cod. I resurrected a long time recipe for Citrus-Jerk Orange Roughy (151 cal) but substituted the Orange Roughy with Swai. Recipes are very adaptable, sometimes humans are not so much. I am glad I had the presence of mind to change things up.

This recipe is super easy and takes very little time to prepare. The jerk seasoning adds a spicy flare to the meal. To complete the meal I served a black bean-rice salad (259) and a sugar snap salad (90 cal). The total calorie count for this meal is 500. As you can see, it is a visually appealing meal as well as tasty. I got a thumbs up from the family. It is a definite repeat.

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