Loving My New Gadgets!- The Corkcicle

Friday, February 1, 2013
I have seen commercials and articles about the Corkcicle and always wondered if they worked. It seemed so handy and easy- my two favorite attributes when it comes to kitchen gadgets. Well my husband surprised me with a Corkcicle gift over the holidays. Now I could try it out for myself!

It is easy to fit in the freezer. It freezes quickly. It has no problem fitting in all variety of wine bottles. It does keep the wine cool. I like the fact that it makes the wine portable so we can move outside of the kitchen and take the bottle of wine where we are and still have it remain cool. It also makes it easier for guests to feel comfortable serving themselves since it can be next to the wine classes and not tucked somewhere in a less than ideal spot in the refrigerator. And for those who mainly drink red wine it touts keeping it at the ideal temperature as well. A new gadget that is handy, easy and fun!

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