Honey Balsamic Bean Salad-super easy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Honey Balsamic Bean Salad on Halsa Portion Control Dinner Plate
Honey Balsamic Bean Salad
Bean salads can add flavor and satisfaction to just about any meal. They are also a very flexible dish. Depending on your schedule, you can make a bean salad the day before. It will also keep nicely for a few days in your refrigerator to be used for lunches and even afternoon snacks. Since they are hearty and packed full of protein, they are a good dish to help us feel full and satisfied. I recently made this Honey Balsamic Bean salad (240 cal) to add to our Citrus-Jerk Fish dinner. It is a three bean salad with panache. And so easy to make. The beans can be canned and sitting in your pantry. You can buy your romaine lettuce in a bag pre-washed and pre-torn to use. Then while the almonds are toasting you can put together the dressing of Balsamic Vinegar, honey, lemon juice and oil. It is visually appealing and tasty. This would also be a good salad for a picnic or to take to a potluck.

I served this bean salad with a Citrus-Jerk Fish and a sugar snap salad (see previous blog/Feb 5/2013) for a total calorie count of 481. It was a dinner packed full of flavor and different textures to make it satisfying and filling. It was a hit and a definite repeat.

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