Exercise Log- May 8-14

Monday, May 16, 2011
May 8-5KWalk- Spina Bifida Association                                                                               75 minutes
May 9-free weights, bike, crunches side-to-side, back extensions                                          40 minutes
            Light housework                                                                                                          30 minutes
May 10-Training session with Kris                                                                                          60 minutes
              Endurance on treadmill                                                                                              25 minutes
May 11- free weights, arm routine, crunches, back extension, wood choppers                      60 minutes
May 12- None-got a pedicure and shopped for anniversary
May 13- Workout (with CKD/Mother's Day gift)                                                                   60 minutes
May 14- None- anniversary weekend

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