Shopping List- Week 2

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shopping List
Week 2 (for 1 week of menus)

2 Blackberries                                      2 carton grape tomato
Blueberries                                           3 red onion
2 tomato                                                1 butternut squash
Bunch Flat Leaf Parsley                      1 Yellow Pepper
2 bag of lemons                                             4 cuties (sm mandarin oranges)
1 garlic heads                                       3 scallions
English Cucumber                                1lbs haricot vert                
8 C baby Spinach                                  2C bean sprouts
10 oz cremini mushrooms                           1 bunch cilantro
1 knob fresh ginger                             2 ½ C basil                         
6 lg sweet potatoes                              2 Red Pepper
2 C brussel sprouts                              2 apples
4 C cauliflower                                     1 head Radicchio
Romaine                                                Fresh tarragon
3 C white button mushrooms             3 C Arugula
Orange                                                   Broccoli (4C)
3 limes                                                  

Meats:                                                   Dairy:
2 lbs boneless chicken breast             low carb Tortillas
3 oz canned Tuna                                 fat free shredded cheddar
8 oz beef tenderloin                            ½ gal nonfat milk
1 lbs salmon                                         8 whole-wheat hamburger buns
1 lb pork tenderloin                            sliced reduced fat cheddar
1 lbs beef tenderloin                                    2 C reduced fat Ricotta Cheese
2 (6 oz) sushi grade Tuna steaks       1 doz Eggs
1 lbs grnd beef                                   8 oz bocconcini (sm mozzarella balls)
6 oz precooked rotisserie chicken 
¾ lbs precooked lg shrimp       ½ C reduced fat shredded mozzarella

Canned Goods:                                     Frozen Foods:
16 0z shirataki noodles                       Whole Strawberries
Black peppercorns                               2 Mango
Jarred Tomatillo salsa                         2 Pineapple
1 can Garbanzo beans                         Sweet Cherries
Fat free evap milk
2 cannellini beans

Already have in my the cupboard (you may need):
Red Pepper Flakes                      fat free mayonnaise
Brown Rice                                  red wine vinegar
½ C pitted Kalamata Olives        ½ C Hormel reduced fat crumbled bacon
Nonstick cooking spray              finger carrots
Vanilla extract                             unsweetened cocoa powder
Puffed Millet Cereal (Arrowhead) mini chocolate chunks/chips
reduced fat peanut butter          sugar-free apricot preserves
Agave nectar                                garlic chili sauce (Huy Fong)
Stevia                                            reduced fat coconut milk
Peanut butter chips                    extra virgin olive oil
Salt & Pepper                               Currants   (like raisins)     
Pure 100% cranberry juice       2 cartons low sodium Chicken Broth
Psyllium                                        vitamins                     
½ C sliced Almonds                    Dijon mustard 
Unsweetened Apple Sauce                  1 loaf whole wheat sliced bread
Butter spray                                whole-wheat pastry flour
Canola oil                                     Reduced-sugar ketchup
1½ C Greek Yogurt                     8 whole-wheat no-boil lasagna noodles
Coconut Extract                           8 oz whole wheat rigatoni pasta
Cornstarch                                   1 C whole wheat flour
whl wheat panko bread crmbs In The Raw (turbinado) sugar
quick cooking oatmeal                1 can low sodium black beans
low sodium soy sauce                whole nutmeg
jar expresso powder                   carton liquid egg substitute
Unsalted butter                             C grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
curry powder                              Walnuts   
Pine Nuts                                      balsamic vinegar
dried Cranberries                       crushed red pepper
Ken’s Light Vinaigrette               Reduced Fat Sour Cream

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