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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Self-Hypnosis--Getting and Keeping Psyched to Stay on Track

Change is always challenging. Changing deep seeded patterns...patterns of a lifetime, is a daunting task. I, for one, am willing to tap into all variety of resources, particularly those that reside within myself. The reality is- How do you get and keep psyched to inculcate the change you want into your daily life? No easy task. With all the reading and listening I have done, it has become clear you need to embrace a variety of different resources. You have to create an environment for yourself both in your home and in your head that supports your desired change. That means getting rid of harmful foods in your house, organizing your life to build in exercise and "me" time and it also means putting the right kind of thoughts in your mind to believe and embrace the "new possible".

Marianne Williamson ( ) has an effective set of CDs called "A Course in Weight Loss- 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever". Although the course talks about weight loss, it is really about lifestyle change. What I like about it most is that it recognizes change as a process and not an instant transformation. It is a form of self-hypnosis taking you from the point at which you are currently in life to the place where you would like to be practicing your new lifestyle.

Another resource I found on line that I liked is Instant Weight Loss Self Hypnosis on YouTube ( I like it because it is a little less than ten minutes and is very relaxing. The music and sounds are calming and the words are so constructive with phrases like "You have the power to act correctly in each moment" and "You have the ability to decide for yourself" as well as "You are in charge of your own life". Very powerful and life altering thoughts...if we embrace them.

I learned once in school that in order to put something to permanent memory you need to have it repeated 7 times. In order to truly inculcate change, you need to repeat that desired change over and over again until it is part of your regular memory and habituated. I am also experiencing the positive effects of repeating the CDs and YouTube resources regularly. They boost me up and allow me to continue practicing my new habits as part of my new lifestyle. I have also found that I need to switch up my resources since they may lose their potency and thus their effectiveness over time. But going back to them after some time is like reconnecting with an old friend and a good thing to do, too. It is all about figuring out how to ritualize your desired change so your mind operates within the parameters of the new lifestyle mode. You have to stay in the desired "ZONE" to avoid slipping back in to the old ways and old patterns. With constant practice I am staying more "in the zone" than out of it...but easy it is not. Thank goodness I am up for a good challenge!

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